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Zambia Work Permit

A Zambia work permit is required where a Zambian company has a need to employ a foreign worker on a temporary basis. The employer in this instance will have been unable to recruit a Zambian for this particular role.

Need to knows about Zambia Work permits

  • All applications for a Zambia work permit must be made outside of the country and the individual intending to take up work in Zambia may only arrive in the country after the Zambia work permit has been approved. The only exceptions to this are in the case of Government employees, volunteers and missionaries who may apply within
    Foerign workers will require a zambia work permit

    A Zambia work permit must be obtained prior to entering the country

    Zambia for a work permit.

  • A Zambia work permit will not be valid for a duration longer than that of the passport validity.
  • The granting of a Zambia work permit allows the holder, their spouse and minor children to enter and re-enter Zambia and stay for the duration of the work permit until it expires unless they become a prohibited immigrant.
  • It is an offence to commence work without a valid employment contract, or to change employer or occupation until the permit is approved.
  • Work permit applications cannot be made for Human Resource positions.
  • The Immigration Department does monitor foreigners granted work permits and if it is discovered the permit holder is found not to be doing the job specified on the permit, they are usually fined and sometimes permits are revoked.

Information for employers

A Zambian employer may only employ foreign workers after proving they have been unable to find a Zambian to fill the role. There are various documents that must be submitted to support an application including:

  • The candidates certificates (certified) showing their qualifications;
  • Curriculum Vitae of the candidate;
  • The employment offer;
  • A covering letter (from the prospective employer);
  • Details about the prospective employer;
  • A completed application form for an employment permit.

How long is a Zambia work permit valid for?

This does depend on the nature of the position but the initial maximum period is for 2 years. The decision however lies with the Chief Immigration Officer after they have reviewed the case in full.

Can a Zambian work visa be extended?

The work permit can be extended at the discretion of the Chief immigration officer up to a maximum of 5 years from the initial date of issue. If there was a condition attached to the initial work permit it is doubtful an extension will be granted. The attaching of a condition signifies that the employer was advised that the expatriate granted the work permit was advised to appoint an understudy who could subsequently take over the role at the end of the validity period of the work permit.

How long does the work permit application take?

The service charter states 10 days from receipt of all required information but applications should be made in ample time and 10 days may well be exceeded.

What about temporary work permits?

Where a foreigner is going to be employed for a period not exceeding 30 days and not exceeding 6 months in a period of 12 months an application can be made for a temporary work permit.

Getting help with your Zambian Work permit application

Intergate Immigration is one of Southern Africa’s foremost immigration, visa and permit companies. With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg and an extensive network of appointed representatives in Africa we are able to give advice and compile and process Zambian work permits.

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