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Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges.

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Learn here about obtaining your travel visa for Zambia, special passes and the entry requirements.

Zambia spouse permit

A Zambia spouse permit may be applied for by the spouse of a Zambian citizen or by an established resident of Zambia.

Zambia spouse permit – need to knows

  • Spouse permits are issued for a period of time as decreed by the Director-General of Immigration.
  • Individuals who hold spouse permits are not permitted to undertake any employment – this must be another application for an employment permit.
  • Applications for a Zambia spouse permit should be made outside of Zambia.
  • The Director-General of Immigration can attach reasonable terms and conditions, including financial and other guarantees.
  • The holder of a spouse permit needs to comply with the conditions specified in the permit and shall not engage, for gain, in any activity, business, trade, employment, profession, study or any other activity not specified in the permit.
  • Subject to this compliance with the immigration Act, a foreigner residing in Zambia, may make an application to the Director-General of Immigration, for a change of status or to change conditions attached to a spouse permit.

Requirements for a Zambia spouse permit

  • Completion of the Application Form;

    Zambia spouse permit application

    Need help with a Zambia spouse permit application

  • Two recent passport size photographs;
  • Certified Photocopies of current passport;
  • Statutory Marriage Certificate;
  • Letter of consent from the Spouse;
  • Status of the Spouse;
  • Payment of a prescribed fee.

Getting assistance with your Zambia spouse permit application

As one of Southern Africa’s most prominent immigration, visa and permit consultants Intergate Immigration has appointed representatives in a number of African countries. We are able to guide you on the various permit options including Zambia spouse applications. Simply call us on + 27 (0) 21 424 2460 or email us or request a call back.

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