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Zambia Investor Permit

A Zambia investor permit is required by any foreigner wishing to establish or invest in a business in Zambia. The process for obtaining an investor permit is twofold:

1. Permission from the  Zambia Development Agency by means of an investor licence being granted;
2. Subsequent to this a residence permit or self employed permit.

Zambia investor permit – need to knows

  • Applications for a Zambia investor permit must be made outside of Zambia and one may not enter Zambia until in possession of it.
  • Applications for an investor permit must be accompanied with a clearance letter from the  Zambia Development Agency, known as an investor licence.
  • Upon receipt of an investor permit the holder is entitled to a residency permit or self employed permit.  In addition applications can be made for the employment of other foreign workers.
  • The holder of an investor permit is only permitted to work and engage in the business specified.
  • Any spouse or children over the age of 18 may also be issued with employment permits provided they are employed in the family business specified.
  • The investor must bring at least a minimum of US$250,000 to Zambia or in the case of an investment into an established business this is reduced to a minimum of US$150,000. The investment can be made by importing machinery to the required values.
  • The investor permit will allow the investor to move freely in and out of Zambia and allows the importation of the permit holders’ personal items from their country of origin, duty free, including 1 personal vehicle.
  • The holder of a Zambia investor permit is permitted to bring with them his/her spouse and any minor children for the valid period of the investor permit.

Applying for an investor licence in Zambia

When applying for an investor licence you can expect an answer in approx. 14 days after all documentation is received at zambia development agency assists with obtaining a Zambia investor permit the Zambia Development Agency. Any appeals against the decision must be made within 2 weeks of receipt of the decision.

An investor licence is granted for a period of 10 years and can be renewed.

Investor licence requirements

  • Completed formal application form from the Zambia Development Agency;
  • Certified copy of certificate of Incorporation/Registration;
  • Certified copy of certificate of share capital;
  • Certified copy of a certificate of minimum share capital;
  • Certified copy of an official list of shareholders and/or directors;
  • Business plan and/or feasibility study;
  • Verifiable evidence of project finance;
  • Brief resumes/CVs for shareholders and/or directors.

Getting help with a Zambia Investor Permit

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