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Useful facts, information and hints and tips about life in Zambia.


Read about all the different permit options for immigration to Zambia.


Read about our services, how we assist with all Zambia permits and visas as well as relocation issues.

Foreign Exchange

Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges.

Travel Visas

Learn here about obtaining your travel visa for Zambia, special passes and the entry requirements.

Permit and Visa Options Zambia

Zambia offers a number of different permits and visa options for those wishing to take up residency in the country.

At Intergate Immigration we have representatives in many countries throughout Africa, and for Zambia we are able to offer:

  • All permits and visas;
  • Immigration services;
  • Relocation services.

How our Service works

Our service is utilised by both individuals and companies and commences with a free and non obligatory consultation in respect of your permit and visa options and needs.

Our clients can expect expert advice, prompt service and a dedicated client manager to look after their specific needs. Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ circumstances and we pride ourselves in exceeding service level expectations.

What permits and visa can be applied for?

The permit and visa options for Zambia include:

  • Temporary work permit – for those seeking employment in Zambia;
  • Investors’ permit – for those seeking to own shares and run a business in Zambia;
  • Residence permit – for those seeking permanent residency;
  • Study permit – for those wishing to further their studies in Zambia;
  • Spouse permit – for those who are married to a Zambian citizen or permit holder;
  • Visiting permit – for those either conducting business or tourism on a short term basis in Zambia.

Find out more

Find out more about how Intergate can assist you or your company with your permit and visa options and needs for Zambia. You can either call us on + 27 (0) 21 4242460 or use one of the contact methods below:

E-mail us here
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